These Are Kayaks For All Waters

When buying a new kayak, you should consider various aspects. After all, a successful kayak trip also depends on the right equipment. The kayak itself plays a crucial role here. After all, it depends on where you want to use it. You can use different types of kayaks depending on the body of water. Fortunately, there are also models for all kinds of water. You can use these kayaks therefore universally. Stability and material are essential. That has a significant influence on the robustness and of course, the handling characteristics of the kayak.

You should also not overlook the weight. Because on some tours you are forced to carry your kayak a certain distance. Therefore, it is advisable to use a lightweight kayak when buying. Its weight depends on the type of material. The higher the quality, the lighter and more expensive the new kayak will be. In the last few years, the trend towards inflatable kayaks has taken hold. Two out of three kayaks sold are now so-called inflatables. They weigh a maximum of ten kilograms and are easy to transport. Their great advantage is that you can roll them up after deflating and even stowed in a backpack. Another good argument for inflatable kayaks is their unbeatable price. High quality fixed kayak costs between 500 and 1,500 euros. The inflatable version only costs a few hundred euros. They are also incredibly stiff. Beginners can hardly tell the difference between this model and a fixed kayak.

Which All-round Kayaks Are There?

The so-called all-around kayaks are suitable for use in all waters. You can decide between different types of construction. With the sit-on-top all-around kayaks, the paddlers sit on the deck. That is open and flat. The type of kayak is ideal for small tours. They offer a lot of storage space, but the luggage is in the open air. The high seating position limits stability. In massive waves, wind and cold, you should stay away from it. Sit-in kayaks have an enclosed deck. The paddler sits inside. This type of kayak is suitable for white water rafting. Their centre of gravity is lower, so they are more stable. So you can protect your luggage from the water. An inflatable kayak is ready to use in ten minutes. They are robust and tear-resistant. However, their carrying capacity is less than that of conventional kayaks.

Which All-round Kayaks Are There
Which All-round Kayaks Are There

Other points when choosing the right kayak concern the cockpit, comfort and stabilizers. The cockpit must offer sufficient freedom of movement. In the event of capsizing, you should be able to get out of the kayak as quickly as possible. Adjustable and comfortable seats make paddling a pleasure. With inflatable stabilizers, you can ensure even more safety. They also protect the kayak from damage. That is especially interesting for beginners. So you can be sure that you are lying more calmly in the water and your boat is protected.