Different Types of Canoe Paddles

If you recently got yourself a canoe and are in the need of paddles, first, you need to find out what type of paddles you’ll need. Paddles are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you’ll need out on the water. Just like canoes, there are many different types of paddles on the market today. The type of paddle that you need depends on what kind of canoeing you’re going to be doing. There’re paddles for kayak fishing, recreational paddling, white water paddling, even emergency paddles. Each paddle is made with specific features that make it unique for that type of canoeing. There is definitely one that is best suited for your adventure, you just need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Here is a look at some of the different types of canoe paddles out there.

Whitewater Paddles

Whitewater paddles are the strongest amongst all the other paddles and have a rugged construction. Whitewater paddles have to be strong and durable because of how much they take on. Whitewater paddles come in two shapes and their blades are made up of plastic, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. When thinking about the size of blades you’ll need, you should take into consideration if you’re a fit paddler, if you’re of smaller or larger build, and the type of canoeing you’ll be doing the most. People of smaller build usually choose midsize or smaller blades and those of a larger build, pick midsize to full size blades.

Recreational Paddles

Recreational paddles are high-performance paddles usually made of carbon fiber. Recreational paddles are usually lighter and vary in size. To figure out the right size, you need to be mindful of your height and the width of your canoe. These types of paddles have shorter, wider blades that include harder flex for a better stroke. Recreational paddles are mostly used for day trips out on the lake and overnight camping trips.

Performance paddles
Performance paddles

Performance paddles

Performance paddles are lightweight, built for speed, and designed to lessen swing weight and reduce tiredness so that paddlers can get more out of their journey on the water. These types of paddles are most often used by paddlers who want to race and who are into fitness. Performance paddles are usually made of materials such as carbon and Kevlar and come in a wide range of blade shapes.

Touring Paddles

Touring paddles are for traveling for long periods of time with tons of repetitious strokes. These paddles are designed with long, narrow blades for smooth, repetitive strokes on lake water. Since these paddles are made up woods such as cherry, maple, and walnut, they require more care than the average paddle. If your touring paddle should happen to get any scratches or scrapes on it, they should be sanded immediately to avoid splitting.

Kids Paddles

There are paddles that are shorter, more lightweight and made just for children. Kid paddles are made to be very durable because kids have a tendency to be rougher with things. Paddles for kids feature kid-sized grips, shaft, and blades. The most common size of a kid’s paddle is 36 inches.