Ideal Places to Canoe in the UK

Canoeing is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, relax, and explore nature. You may be wondering where the best places are to canoe in the United Kingdom. Believe it or not, the UK has thousands of miles of paddling trails, rivers, and canals that are perfect for canoeing and kayaking. The UK has over […]

What Makes a Good Fishing Canoe

Believe it or not, all canoes weren’t made for fishing. Canoes come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, and features. A canoe’s features can really make or break your fishing trip. You can take any canoe out and fish but having the right fishing canoe will allow you to really enjoy the experience and catch a real big one. A […]

Must Have Canoe Equipment

Are you ready to take your canoe out on the water but unsure of exactly what equipment you need to bring along? When it comes to canoeing, there are tons of items that you need to bring depending on what type of canoeing you will be doing. Some people canoe for alone time, some people go fishing, others take on […]